What is the significance of enterprises doing exhibitions?
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What is the significance of enterprises doing exhibitions?

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Exhibition economy has the advantages of high concentration of customer flow, information flow, capital flow, etc., which can not only effectively promote the products of enterprises, improve the popularity, but also provide opportunities for enterprises to provide technology and services. Therefore, enterprises should do a solid job in exhibition marketing, so that the survival and development of enterprises in the exhibition economy this platform to get a breakthrough.

Ramming brand platform

Has great leading industry exhibition and economic benefits, for enterprises to participate in the show's marketing, it's very difficult to measure, the enterprise not only can be shown fully at the show, to further enhance the brand visibility and reputation, marketing, and through a positive show can bring order to the enterprise, for rich economic benefit for the enterprise. According to insiders, a successful exhibition will create the following significant benefits, no matter the host city or the participating enterprises:

One is to gain resource advantage. The development of exhibition economy means that various industries can get open comparative advantages in products, technology, production, marketing and other aspects of participating enterprises on this huge exhibition platform, reduce the opportunity cost of domestic resources, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the host city and participating enterprises.

Second, we will leverage our efforts to achieve greater development. Exhibition economy not only helps to enhance the radiating power and influence of enterprises towards surrounding areas, but also helps host cities to enhance the service function of surrounding areas. In east China, where the exhibition economy is prosperous, Shanghai has the best infrastructure, the fastest business information and the highest frequency of foreign visitors. Therefore, when enterprises participate in the exhibition marketing, they should pay attention and attention to such host cities, and realize the development of enterprises by virtue of the exhibition platform.

Third, we need to increase support. The development of primary industry and tertiary industry needs the support of related service industries. In addition to finance, insurance and transportation, the exhibition is one of the major industries to promote the development of local service industry. Due to the large and professional exhibition are often the product or technology a barometer of the market share and profit prospects, financial cooperation agencies also tend to be based on the accurate response in exhibition on the first line to determine the related financing, therefore, the support of these aspects, to participate in the exhibition marketing enterprise, is a good help to product sales and sustainable development opportunities.

Read about fair myths

In the New Year of exhibition season, in the face of numerous exhibition invitations, enterprises should pay close attention to whether to participate in the exhibition, what benefits can be brought, how to use the exhibition to spread enterprise information, and how to compete with competitors. At present, many enterprises not only pay insufficient attention to the exhibition marketing, but also have various problems, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

-- marketing planning is taken lightly. In recent years, some enterprises for marketing planning of the exhibition, and there are two quite different views and practices: some enterprises, including some well-known domestic large and medium-sized enterprises, to participate in the exhibition still cannot from vulgar marketing model, often scrambled, lack of pertinence, exhibition marketing organization marketing fashion stay in imitation stage, neither less marketing creative and innovative consciousness. Some well-known brand enterprises also lack the unique brand style, unique marketing plan and targeted sales theme when they participate in the exhibition. The neglect or lack of this aspect weakens the influence of products and the increase of orders, resulting in a big discount of the market visibility of enterprises.

-- lack of effective marketing strategy and planning. Although such enterprises have made strict or even harsh exhibition marketing plans before participating in the exhibition, in most cases, the original plan is out of touch with the actual situation of the exhibition, consumer demand and market trend, so the exhibition effect is poor, and the enterprise does not reach the ambitious goal before the exhibition. The reason for this problem lies in that enterprises only treat the exhibition marketing work as a transactional work, in order to participate in the exhibition. The purpose of the exhibition, how to achieve the most effective marketing effect, has not been scientifically analyzed and planned.

-- unable to communicate well with partners. Organizing and planning the exhibition, the lack of good communication between the decision-making management layer and the executive layer of the enterprise and between the enterprise and its partners leads to the deviation of their understanding of the exhibition planning and organization mode and purpose, which results in the poor product marketing or information of the enterprises participating in the exhibition, blocked sales, and a large gap between the signed orders and the original idea. When analyzing the reasons for the failure, such enterprises always complain that the booth and activity plan provided by the outsourcing company or the sponsor are out of line with the brand and products, and it is almost impossible to change the plan due to the urgent time, which affects the implementation of the enterprise's marketing plan and the increase of benefits.

-- the input-output imbalance caused by the pursuit of scale and luxury. In recent years, there has been a tendency of domestic exhibitions to blindly pursue scale and luxury in booth construction, activity organization and other aspects, ignoring the performance effect of the exhibition activities themselves. At the same time, the return of the exhibition effect is overestimated when making the budget, resulting in the uncoordinated investment and exhibition proportion. In contrast, exhibition marketing work outstanding enterprises, can always find commonness, the first step is according to company development planning and marketing goals, to the advantage of the enterprise resources or demand for scientific analysis, on the input and output of accounting seriously, choose right timely exhibition as the platform for marketing, from the planning point of view of resources integration, and then surprise on marketing, thus achieve the best effect of enterprises to participate in the exhibition marketing.

Exhibition marketing is a complex project, the enterprise in preparation for the exhibition plan to elastic in the implementation, including change and competition in the future, it is necessary to feedback and adjustment mechanism, in these aspects, must pass through careful plan, winning promotion mode, scientific division of labor, strict execution. In this way, exhibition marketing can play a real role, not only to create good economic benefits, but also to make the enterprise's brand and products get effective publicity and promotion.


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